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Mystic Journey

  • Mystical journeys to Peru and South Africa.
  • Shamanic Market Travel Agency
  • Travel, Hospitality, Ceremonies.
  • Authentic Shamanic tools from Peru.
  • Ritual objects and healing instruments.
  • Offering sustainable products that support the indeginous groups of Peru
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Travel, Hospitality and Ceremonies

  • Discover Peru with Shamanic Market
  • Welcome to an encounter with Adventure, Culture and the Magic of Peru.
  • Shamanic Market carries the tradition of serving travelers needs since 2000.
  • We provide full travel service with experienced staff, guides and a commitment to provide quality service!
  • Individual and group sessions; full day, half day and night journeys available 

Quality Adventures and Mystical Tours.

  • Does traveling with your own tribe and enjoying complimentary travel in lieu of commissions sound appealing?  Enquire about our Group Packages for 10 or more guests. 
  • We can help tailor-make a trip of a lifetime for you and your Tribe. Lean on us we have decades of hands-on experience crafting unforgettable tours that fit the customers needs. 
  • We hand-pick everything we recommend, choose your own Journey!
  • Inquire about our next international destination where we will be visiting to join Sacred ceremonies or for us to visit you.

Spiritual Journeys to choose from

  • San Pedro
  • Ayahuasca Coca Leaf Reading
  • Offering to Mother Earth
  • Andean Spiritual Wedding
  • Pilgrimages to Sacred Sanctuaries

Mark Myburgh (Alchemist) a scholar in Theology, Cabbala, Inca and African mysticism, serves as a shaman guide with San Pedro and a dedicated Energy Healer and teacher of shamanic techniques.  

Having apprenticed under the guidance of international shaman’s and teachers. 

Mark is highly knowledgeable about Peru and its rich and fascinating tapestry of culture and history. 

He works closely in healing ceremonies with the Qero. 

Additionally, Mark managers Shamanic Market, international spiritual events and mystical travel journeys to South Africa and Peru. 

He has been safely guiding travelers and spiritual explorers alike through the beauty and magic of the Andes for many years.

Mark Myburgh



Spiritual Practitioner.

Intergration with sacred teachings.


Everything in our universe is information and energy vibrating at specific frequencies, we begin to understand the reality of healing with transforming vibrations, where the body and soul are in harmony with Divine Will.

These patterns of spiritual traditions are also found in mystery teachings from alchemy to kabbalah.

Learn a deeper universal truth about who we are and our spiritual connection with the universe.

Developing a multidimensional awareness unlocking our full potential as we seek to reunite with The All.


Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.


Mind – Body – Spirit – Love – Balance – Peace


Shamanic Market


Shamanic drums, medicine rattles, sacred alter bundles, organic super foods, sacred jewelry, therapeutic micro-dosing, ceremonial bells, Qero bangles, feather wands, talking sticks, happe applicator pipes, energy stones, Peruvian fabrics, shaman hats, mystical paintings, shaman ponchos.

Shamanic Drums

Shamanic Drumming is rhythmic form of drumming. Its purpose is to induce a range of ecstatic trance states in order to connect with the spiritual dimension of reality. (45cm) Includes case & mullet.


Medicine rattles

Shamanic Medicine Rattles for Journeys, Healing and Rituals.


Sacred Altar bundles

Authentic Andean Shaman Alter, Sacred Mesa Bundle.

Certified Organic super foods.

Maca, Cámu Cámu, Lúcuma, Cat’s claw Powder's. Wildcrafted 100% Peruvian. Health Registered, Chemical Free. Minimum Order 20kg Supplier to David Avocado Wolfe, longevity & superfood expert.


Sacred jewelry.

Power and protection sacred jewelry.

sm 23

Therapeutic micro-dosing

San Pedro powder reconnects us to our ceremonial experience, opening and guiding our hearts to being at one with the spirit of the plant. Increases awareness, elevates consciousness, provides mental clarity, promotes self-healing and supports emotional wellbeing. Ingredients: 100% natural wachuma cactus, specially blended with echinopsis pachanoi flower. Handmade in the Peruvian Andes.

Ceremonial bells

Sacred bells used for initiation of ceremony. Hampi healing bell, used to call on the spirit's of healing or soul retrievals! The small Bell is normally attached to the protection bangles on the out side of the sacred Mesa.


Qero bangles

The Qeros Bangles are used for protection, made by the "star children" weaving them according to the constellations.


Feather wands

Shamanic Healing Feathers, handmade
in the Andes. Feathers are used by
medicine shaman's across the globe as
energetic healing tools. Feathering
is a technique used in energy healings.
The auric field can be cleansed
by sweeping a bird's wing, a handmade
feather whisk, in the space surrounding
an individual. Feathering introduces the
element of air into the healing space.
Feathers are our connection to the "air"
forces; air being one of the four element

Talking stick

The Talking stick is an ancient and powerful “communication tool” The person holding the stick is designated as having the right to speak in ceremony.


Happe applicator pipes

Kuripe self-administering applicator Hapé pipe. Handmade from Palesangre, Chonta & Palo Santo. A tepi is a pipe used to administer hapé to another person. The sacred shaman tepi pipes are one of the ancient applicator pipes used by the people of Amazon basin to share snuff — medicinal herbs. Happé is the powdered medicinal herbs with a tobacco base that is blown through the nose. (20cm) Handmade from Palesangre, Chonta & Palo Santo.

sm 48

Peruvian fabrics

Peruvian traditional fabrics sold by the meter. (Cotton and polyester) Peruvian Andean and Jungle Shipibo Print Fabric.

Shaman hats

Mystic felt firm-brimmed hat. Brown size ( L ) Black size ( M )


Mystical paintings

Check out our mystical art selection for the very best in unique or custom.


Shaman ponchos

Unisex ceremonial shaman Poncho.

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