San Pedro Program

San Pedro Full Day Ceremony

San Pedro (Wachuma in Quechua) is a cactus, used in the Andes for sacred healing for over 3000 years. This medicine is used to heal on emotional, physical and spiritual levels. San Pedro reconnects us to ourselves and to Mother Earth/Pachamama, is a master teacher plant, a great gift from the universe. It helps us to grow, learn, and awaken, and assists us in reaching higher states of consciousness. Wachuma shows us our divinity and the divinity in ALL. This is a beautiful way to heal ourselves, to have the TRUE understanding of all that is, and to set us free. San Pedro gives us a greater understanding of our purpose in life, clarity, and love for ourselves and for all of creation. This is Heart medicine giving a deep connection and working for raising consciousness. With natural alternative plant medicine.

Wachuma:  San Pedro has so much grace that one does not need to answer back it takes all that does not serve us away with no questions asked, it’s effects are like unconditional love that heal the emotions that we carry and once clearing the baggage it gives us space to heal the physical body. Wachuma connects us to nature that responds to us in messages giving us direction in life and what path to take the plant is here for us to receive making our hearts innocent again, it assists us in making our own miracles and preventing future errors, showing that we are our own creator’s, helping us let go of the past through love and living in the present with gratitude. We prepare San Pedro in it’s traditional way that has been passed down from generation from our master teacher into our hands. Our wish is that all may experience the love of the universe through plant medicine. On the medicine one can speak, walk and is in a normal state not altered but just overwhelmed with love and love is the key to healing on all levels. We hold space for you in a safe environment and allow the medicine to heal and guide you.

Transform your life – Learning to love yourself – Connect with your higher self – Healings on all levels.

We offer ceremonies every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 9:45am to 6:30pm including a light lunch and dinner with an option to spend the night at our retreat at an additional cost including breakfast. Private ceremonies can also be arranged on Tuesdays and Thursdays . We highly recommend that you spend the night on ceremony as your heart is wide open and going down town can be very overwhelming with energies, this way you can continue your journey throughout the night in peace.

Introduction to San Pedro, partake in medicine, allow and surrender in our garden finding your space, spiritual cleansings, light lunch fruit salad, stroll to Temple of the Moon to give offerings to mother earth, light dinner soup, gathering at fire place, spent the night or departure back to your hotel.
Recommend that the day before plant medicine ceremonies that you avoid any heavy foods such as meat, fried foods and alcohol. A light vegetarian diet is preferable. Disclose any prescription medications you are taking on the day of ceremony that could cause potential interactions with the plants.

Mark Myburgh (Alchemist)

a scholar in Theology, Cabbala, Inca and African mysticism, serves as a shaman guide with San Pedro and a dedicated Energy Healer and teacher of shamanic techniques.  Having apprenticed under the guidance of international shaman’s and teachers. 
Mark is highly knowledgeable about Peru and its rich and fascinating tapestry of culture and history. He works closely in healing ceremonies with the Qero tribe in journeys. Mark has studies and sat with many known faces such as Kryon Lee Carroll, Dennis McKenna, David Wolf, Ross Heaven, Credo Mutwa, Paul David Hewson, Woody Harrelson, Lucy Liu, Thomas Brodie
He has been safely guiding spiritual explorers through the beauty and magic of the Andes for many years with 25 years of serving medicine.

The Temple of the Moon San Pedro Retreat:

The Sanctuary is just minutes away from the heart of Cusco up above in the scenic hills. The lodge is a ‘home away from home’ a perfect getaway if your tired of city noise, news & politics and too much chatter. This a doorway to Tranquillity and nature at it finest.  Inner peace awaits you  in the Andes. The retreat has views of the Temple of the Moon. The guesthouse consists of a spacious cozy lounge TV, heater and workspace. Open, fully equipped kitchen with dining area. The veranda has comfy furniture with open access to our lovely garden & outdoor fireplace to warm up during the cool starlite nights. The garden is the PERFECT place for you to be when visiting the Andes. It is literally bursting with hundreds of flowering plants and frequent visits by hummingbirds. It is a San Pedro Temple with over 700 cacti growing around the perimeter. It embodies the divine feminine with wind chimes, altars, hammocks a cozy fireplace and so much beauty – a gentle and safe space. We have sun-umbrellas for if the sun is strong, comfy mats for you to lie on in the garden while cloud-gazing, loads of blankets if it gets chilly, and on-site staff that are completely accustomed to the needs of clients. It is truly a Garden of Eden, a relaxing paradise. A stone’s throw from the Mountain House Retreat Center is Amaru Machay (Serpent Cave) also known as The Temple of the Moon. This is a pre-Inka site dating back thousands of years and is considered to be a rebirthing center. The staff offer the opportunity to accompany you on a walk through some of these sites during your time there. At the Retreat every step seems to lead to the discovery of archaeological sites such as the rebirth cave, frog and condor temples, displaying the finest Pre-Inca structures.


Alison m.
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This place is a vortex of pure magic. It attracts beautiful and conscious people from all over the world. Five people I met here are still good friends to this day. This is the best retreat in Cusco set high up in the Andes. The hostel is quirky, comfy and warm beds and hot showers. It has a wonderful family vibe and we were made to feel super welcome. This place has been a profound part of my life and I have created amazing memories from here that I will remember for life..
romero j.
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Safe, peaceful and enlightening place to be, I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a place to stay in Cusco!
charlie r.
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One of the homes of my heart. This page makes me homesick
Kole W.
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By far my favorite place to stay. I always meet cool travelers and love that I have secure privacy AND community as I choose. The family that owns it has become dear friends and the staff my extended family. I can't recommend it enough and we even lead groups here to stay! .
jeremy r.
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This establishment is a nexus of great energy and social connection. The family who runs it cares deeply for its patrons and their experience while visiting Peru.
Ricardo G.
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This is my favorite retreat in Cuzco. It''s quaint, colorful, clean, and fun. I've stayed there many times and I never fail to meet interesting and wonderful people, many of whom become long-term friends. The location is great, A descent breakfast is included. The staff and owner really care, and it shows in so many little details.

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